Water & Wastewater

Today, the environmental regulations are becoming more restrictive resulting
in process improvements and the performance of industrial wastewater systems
to become more critical. Appropriate technologies as well as proper application
are the key factors to optimize a waste water plant.


After performing a full system audit and the necessary testing, LW can customize a wastewater treatment process that optimizes chemical usage, effluent flow rates and off-site treatment costs. We also have expertise in water reuse systems and zero-liquid discharge. LW will select the optimal organic and inorganic chemicals to reduce your discharge costs and optimize your effluent system.

Through our R&D department and external partners, we can offer analysis services of liquid and solid samples including organic, inorganic and microbiological analyses to our customers.

All of our wastewater management programs are supported by a team of experienced application experts who offer technical support to our customer, onsite and remotely, providing the industry’s best expertise in troubleshooting and maintaining industrial wastewater systems.

To help customers achieve their wastewater management objectives, LW offers a complete product range of wastewater treatment chemicals. This portfolio includes solutions for removing pollutants, minimizing sludge handling and disposal costs, recycling or reusing effluent and improving the quality of industrial wastewater.

Our portfolio of wastewater treatment chemicals, which is compatible with all types of industrial wastewater systems, includes:

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