Boiler Systems

Heat transfer and steam generating efficiency are critical for all steam generating systems
and can have an important impact to fuel costs, maintenance expenses and unscheduled outages.
Deposition and corrosion are two key problems that can negatively affect these metrics
as well as the overall reliability of the system.


The mechanisms by which deposits form and corrosion occurs in boiler system components are varied and complex and for this reason these systems require effective chemical treatment and accurate monitoring and control.

LW field engineers offer a high level of boiler expertise and our specialists can offer guidance and recommendations for treating a wide range of systems, from high-pressure steam generators to hot water boilers. Our programs can increase system efficiency, decrease plant downtime and maintenance costs and extend equipment life.

A steam generator water treatment program is primarily designed to keep heat transfer surfaces (boilers, condensate/feed-water systems) free from deposition and corrosion. Boiler deposits typically contain metal oxides, mineral scale, or sludge that can affect circulation and heat transfer and initiate under-deposit corrosion.

Corrosion in lower-pressure boilers is frequently the result of air ingress and dissolved oxygen concentration during unit downtimes. These phenomena often lead to failures and unscheduled shutdowns.

Our portfolio of boiler water treatment chemicals includes a variety of solutions to help you optimize the performance and safety of your boiler and steam generating systems. LW is able to carry out a 1 drum, 2 drums or 3 drums chemical treatment approach based on the customer and system needs.

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