The world continues to face a freshwater shortage and desalination is a sustainable answer to the problems of fresh water scarcity. Using desalination processes, it is possible to transform brackish and seawater into safe, affordable water for drinking, irrigation and industrial uses.

Two different Desalination technologies are currently used to produce fresh water from sea and brackish water:

  • Thermal Desalination (MED, MSF)
  • Reverse Osmosis

Thermal desalination is a complex process with many potential problems. Controlling foam, preventing fouling and inhibiting the formation of scale all require constant monitoring and control.

Advances in desalination technology over recent years have meant membrane systems have become a more cost efficient and sustainable way of addressing the huge demand for fresh water today.

In many cases reverse osmosis plants removing salt and other minerals from sea or brackish water, as well as bacteria and other deposits, require chemical treatment to maintain clean membrane surfaces.

Why LW?

LW has a full range of chemicals and equipment to serve both thermal and RO applications to desalinate brackish and seawater.

Thermal Desalination Treatment Chemicals

LW provides water treatment programs for both Multistage Flash (MSF) and Multi Effect Distillation (MED) desalination systems. Our range of treatment chemicals includes:

Reverse Osmosis Treatment Chemicals

LW provides advanced solutions that mitigate two of the biggest RO problems: scale and bio fouling. Our range of reverse osmosis treatment chemicals includes:

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