Water is one of the most important resources for any manufacturer. Whether the final product is metals, automobiles, textiles, electronics, plastics, or tires and rubber, water is used for heating and cooling, but it is also required for other manufacturing processes, such as rinsing, washing, spraying and diluting. Before its use, water must be properly treated to limit corrosion, scaling and microbiological activity. That makes water treatment programs for manufacturing processes essential to maintain productivity and profitability.

On the other hand, since water is an important resource for the community, its use and consumption must be strictly controlled.

Manufacturers, as one of the largest consumers of water, must strive to reduce consumption and pollution. Water treatment solutions for manufacturing must take a holistic approach to water resource management and must support and enable specific water conservation measures.

LW offers to its customers a proven portfolio of water treatment solutions, which includes differentiated chemistry, monitoring and control systems and applications expertise to help manufacturers of any size achieve greater value while achieving their sustainability goals.

Why LW?

LW team can cooperate with your facility to propose water reuse projects to save on water and operational costs.
We also provide water management plans to help your facility manage Legionella risk.

LW experienced application experts and field water treatment specialists can provide solutions for the following areas in your facilities:

Cooling System

The cooling water treatment for inhibiting scale, corrosion, and biological growth can be managed by using the LW CI, LW SI, LW BIO product chemical lines.

Boiler Systems

The boiler system treatment for feedwater, boiler and steam can be managed by using the LW OX, LW BT and LW NA product chemical lines.

Water & Wastewater

The Inlet water and Wastewater Treatment can be managed by using the LW FLOC, LW BAC and LW ODORBUSTER product chemical lines

Reverse Osmosis

The Reverse Osmosis treatment can be managed by the LW RO, LW ROCIDE, LW RO KLEEN product chemical line

Legionella Risk

We also provide water management plans to help your facility manage Legionella risk.

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