LW Smart Track

The LW Smart Track family of technologies has changed the way our customers look at their cooling system operations. LW combines the best of both worlds: the most advanced technologies in water chemistry, along with innovation in automation and process control to help you get the most out of your cooling system. Never before have technologies come together with such a complete solution for operating, managing, and optimizing open evaporative recirculating cooling water systems.


Owners and operators of cooling water systems share a common set of priorities. First and foremost is safety and compliance, assuring that your operations protect people and the environment with the greatest of care. Next, you must prevent any unplanned loss in your production, whether due to inadequate heat exchange or capital equipment failure. After achieving those critical levels of performance, you can optimize by reducing the total cost of cooling operations over time without disrupting production, experiencing catastrophic loss, or compromising safety—with the greenest footprint possible. While the basic priorities have not changed much, the challenges that today’s business and industrial world must overcome to meet them have. You need a partner with the knowledge, experience and solutions to help identify, understand and overcome these new challenges. LW Smart Track enables you to reset your expectations and redefine what optimized can mean to your cooling water operations.

Whether serving our Industrial or Energy Services customer processes in food & beverage, automobile, microelectronics pharmaceutical sectors or data centers, IT parks, hospitals and universities, cooling tower system performance for operational efficiency, asset preservation, water conservation, and environmental compliance is more critical now than ever before. Production processes pushed to their limits, low tolerance for failure, limited manpower, and budgetary pressures collectively have created a demand for the reliability and cost-performance of critical open recirculating cooling systems.

LW Smart Track for Cooling takes measurement and control technology for multiple analytes to the next level—with a single detection platform that offers simplicity, stability, and easy installation. What’s more, LW can configure a unique solution designed to meet your specific goals and budget. LW chemical product portfolio include traced formulations able to be detected by LW Smart Track configured with the tracer probe.

Description and Use

LW Smart Track is a plug and play control system for the management of corrosion, scale/deposition, and micro-biological activity in open evaporative recirculating cooling systems. The system includes an option for connectivity with our remote data management, monitoring and diagnostic capabilities of our knowledge management platform. This cost-effective system simplifies installation and start up while providing the key features/functions of top-of-the-line cooling controllers. As a result, the management of LW Smart Track will benefit your cooling systems by:

  • Minimizing the risk to valuable system assets from scale and corrosion
  • Optimizing usage of expensive, municipal water sources while minimizing tower blowdown and sewer-related charges
  • Simplifying reporting of critical system variables
  • Maintaining your plant’s cooling system at peak efficiency and performance


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