Beverage manufacturers, dairy factories, canning operations and fruit and vegetable processors share common needs and can all benefit from the use of innovative food and beverage water treatment chemistries. The market focal points are: safety and quality of products, integrity of brand, regulatory standards and profitability.

LW offers a wide range of chemical technologies that meet the regulatory requirements for food and beverage processing, including novel chemistries specifically designed for pasteurization, sterilization and disinfection, as well as a variety of chemistries that are registered for treatment of cooling water and boiler water in and around food and beverage processing areas.

In addition to innovative chemistries, LW can offer a full suite of monitoring and control systems, including analyzers and controllers that help ensure the optimal performance of the operation, improving product quality, reducing downtime, minimizing water and energy use and providing long-term asset protection.


Retorts and cookers in the canning industry need water treatment to prevent can spotting and corrosion.
By using the LW FB line we can help your facility:

  • To reduce can and bottle cap corrosion and fouling
  • To reduce can re-infection potential caused by cooling water microorganisms
  • To maximize cooker life by minimizing corrosion, scaling, and fouling

The LW FB line is a complete chemical product portfolio including:

Utility Treatment

The cooling water treatment for inhibiting scale, corrosion, and biological growth can be managed by using the LW CI, LW SI, LW BIO product chemical lines.

The boiler system treatment for feedwater, boiler and steam can be managed by using the LW OX, LW BT and LW NA product chemical lines.

The Inlet water and Wastewater Treatment can be managed by using the LW FLOC, LW BAC and LW ODORBUSTER product chemical lines

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