We solve water treatment and process improvement challenges
for the industrial market customers through people, experience and technology .
We have expertise in a variety of industries, including oil and gas extraction,
petroleum refining, chemical & pharmaceutical processing,
food & beverage and municipal & desalination market


Onsite consultation from field representatives who understand all aspects of water and process treatment as well as the support of a dedicated team of applications specialists and laboratory scientists make our customers operation more profitable and more sustainable.


LW Technical Team works in tandem with its external partners organization using also skilled problem-solvers in the industry. At their disposal is a vast selection of comprehensive water-analysis equipment and innovative process testing instrumentation. These resources enable our technicians to analyze and identify customer problems rapidly, compare the impact of system additives in various industrial systems, and select the best chemical treatment program to meet customer’s process needs.

LW has important partnership with leading water treatment company and this allow us to offer a broad range of physical solution and technical services covering the entire water cycle. This enables us to identify the right solution offering to our customers personalized contracts giving them the possibility to focus or their core business.


As we develop new products, we pay attention to sustainability, focusing on ingredient responsibility, human health and environmental impact over the product life cycle. Our goal is to meet today’s challenges and to develop new solutions that will keep our customers at the forefront. To fulfill our commitment to innovation, we have a team of experts and technical specialists in a range of fields including chemistry, metallurgy, microbiology, , chemical engineering, and digital/software development.

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